Main Teachings of the Evangelistic Sermons in Acts

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Main Teachings of the Evangelistic Sermons in Acts

John Hepp, Jr.

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Main Teachings of the Evangelistic Sermons in Acts
John Hepp, Jr.

The Book of Acts gives nearly eighty summaries of “gospel” sermons to the unsaved: (a) 12 summaries in two sentences or more, (b) about 60 summaries in a sentence or less, (c) about 6 summaries by unbelievers. In those sermons five main teachings are found over and over. Each of those main teachings is summarized in the first row of the table below (see A to E). In two cases (B,C) related but secondary teachings are added in parentheses. In the column below each teaching is the evidence for it in Acts. Using this table, a serious student can verify that these teachings were emphasized—and can infer what was not taught.
The evidence for each teaching is given (a) on row 2 from the “general” (short) Acts summaries, then (b) on the other rows from most of the longer summaries. Excluded are two self-defense sermons (7:2-53 and 24:10-21) and one pre-evangelistic sermon (14:15-17). A term different from but equivalent to one in my summary, is marked “EQ.” In order to remember the import of the title Christ, its equivalent Messiah is used instead. The following abbreviations are used:

col. column
EQ equivalent
J Jesus
L Lord (Master)
M Messiah (coming King)
res. resurrection

Refer-ence in Acts  A
Jesus is Messiah/Lord.

[Coming King/Master] B
MJ suf-fered & died (a Jewish crime). C
God raised MJ from the dead (as the first of many, and exalted Him to His own throne). D
MJ will return to rule.

[Many of these are implied.] E
Repent (turn to God) & believe in MJ for for-giveness; be baptized in Jesus’ name.
Stated in a general summary Messiah, or Jesus (is) Messiah: 5:42; 8:5,12; 9:22; 17:3; 18:5,28; 20:21; 24:24: 28:31
Jesus or Lord Jesus: 8:35; 9:15, 28; 11:20; 16:31; 18:25; 19:4
17:7 another king
9:20 EQ Son implied by col.C
17:3 The res. or Jesus & the res.: 4:2, 33; 17:18; 23:6
25:19 EQ The king-dom (of God): 8:12; 19:8; 20:25; 28:23,31 (assuming that the king-dom is future and as pre-dicted) 11:1 EQ received the word
16:36 believe in the LJM
19:4 believe on MJ
20:21 repen-tance toward God & faith in LJM
24:24 faith in M
24:25 EQ righteousness, self-control
(includes response) 31 Messiah
36 Lord & M
30 EQ David’s Heir
22 EQ did Mes-sianic works 23 by Jews 24-32
33-35 adds His ascension to God’s throne. Implied by col.A
35,40 38 Repent,be baptized
41 received his word, were baptized
3:12-26 18,20
13,26 EQ Ser-vant
14,15 EQ titles 13-15 by Jews
17-18 13-15
21 involves His ascension. 20-23 He will bring refresh-ing and restore all. 16 faith
19,26 repen-tance
22-23 EQ listen
4:8-12 10b 10c by Jews 10d 11-12 EQ cornerstone, to save
5:29-32 31 EQ Prince & Savior 30b by Jews 30a, 32a
31a adds His ascension. implied by col.A 31b repentance
32b obey
10:34-43 36 Jesus Messiah, Lord of all
38 God anointed Him
38b-39a miracles 39b by Jews 40-41 42 EQ appoint-ed judge of living and dead 43 believe
[cf. 47-48 be baptized]
13:16-41 23 EQ promised Savior from David
34 EQ to give the sure blessings of David
33 EQ Son 27-29 by Jews 30-31
32-37 40-41 EQ com¬ing judgment 38-39 believe
[also 48]

17:22-31 implied by col.D 31b His res. proves He will judge. 31 EQ a day fixed for judgment 30 repent
22:1-22 8,10,21,etc. Lord
14 EQ the Righ-teous One [7:52] implied by col.E
6-10 requires as¬cension [7:55-56] implied by col.A 16 be baptized
26:1-29 15 Lord
23 Messiah implied by col.E and 6-8
23b first to rise
13-18 requires His ascension. implied by col.A 18 forgiveness & inheritance
20 repent
27 believe

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