Facts in Acts

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Facts in Acts

John Hepp, Jr.

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Facts in Acts?
John Hepp, Jr.

There are many evangelistic messages summarized in Acts. Listed below are eight statements about Jesus generally considered to be part of the gospel. Decide for each statement whether you believe it is clearly taught in Acts or not, then check column 2 or column 3. Answers are on the next page.

Statement about Jesus Generally Considered Part of the Gospel IN ACTS? NOT IN ACTS?
1. He existed before He came to earth.
2. He was the Creator of all things.
3. He was the divine Son of God.
4. As a man He was born of a virgin.
5. When He died on the cross, He died for our sins.
6. To be saved, a person must believe that Jesus is divine.
7. To be saved, a person must believe that Jesus died for his sins.
8. When Jesus comes back, He will take believers to heaven.

Some of these statements are true, but none of them is clearly found in Acts. See my paper on “Evangelistic Sermons in Acts.”

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