Gospel Tract

Gospel Tract

John Hepp, Jr., 2006

How pleased I am to have met you! I hope I get the opportunity to know you better.

Please read this about the God I love, the God who rules from heaven. He is real and alive, not like the gods we humans make. He created all things, even you and me. His love is amazing. He has changed me into His child and promised me an inheritance. He wants to do the same for you.

I did not deserve for God to do this. In fact, like all other human beings, I was rebellious; I was God’s enemy. But He had a plan to save such enemies, make us like Himself, and live with us.

God’s plan to save us is revealed in the Bible. Its first book, Genesis, tells how God created everything but how we humans became disobedient. He created us to be rulers, but we became slaves to sin and to each other. The world got so bad that God destroyed it with a flood. Yet, He spared some animals and Noah’s family, which repopulated the earth. Later, He chose one man, Abraham, and from him made the favored nation of Israel.

The next Bible books tell how God made Israel His kingdom on earth and ruled over them. What a privilege they had! But they were so rebellious that God put an end to that kingdom. Through it, however, He (a) revealed His own character and His plans for the future, (b) gave and preserved His Word, the Bible, and (c) prepared the way for the Savior to come.

The Bible often describes a future world God will create from this one. In it there will no longer be suffering, death, or injustice. Nations—and even animals—will live together in peace. In short, heaven will come to earth; God’s kingdom will be restored. Those who live in that world will no longer be slaves. Instead, they will rule forever as God designed them to do.

Good news! We know who will rule above all others in God’s coming new world. His name is Jesus. He was given to Joseph of the royal family of David in Israel. He was born by the Virgin Mary. His title Christ means that God has "anointed" Him with His Spirit to rule. He is described, so that we will believe in Him, in the Bible books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The things Jesus said and did show He can create and govern the promised new world.

Often Jesus promised to come again and rule in glory. But first, as He said, He had to be rejected and die nailed to a cross. His death made it possible for God to free us from our slavery and make us His children and heirs. In triumph Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to His followers. Then He ascended to heaven until the time comes for Him to return and rule.

Turn to Jesus. God has ordered us to turn from our paths of sin to believe in Jesus the Ruler (the Christ). Those who follow Him receive forgiveness and eternal life in God’s family. When Jesus returns, they will get everlasting bodies and will rule with Him. I pray that you too will be one of His followers.

John Hepp, Jr.

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